Xiaomi WiFi Router
Xiaomi WiFi Router

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Key Features...
  • Compact and stylish mini WiFi router brings connectivity into your home
  • Can support up to 7 sub-machines
  • Dual-Antennas bring along a large WiFi range and fast 300Mbps transfer speeds
  • WiFi signal covers multiple rooms inside of your home or apartment

Xiaomi WiFi Router

With this wireless router from Xiaomi, you’ll able to bring ultra-fast internet into your household. This cool electronic gadget brings along great connectivity. It provides all your electronics with a stable internet connection. With its 300Mbps transfer speeds, you’ll be able to smoothly browse the web without experiencing any lag. Besides basic web browsing activities, it also supports you in playing online games, streaming movies, and downloading files. From now on, you and all your loved ones will be able to enjoy great connectivity. Thanks to its large range, it is able to cover multiple rooms in your home or apartment. It even comes with up to 7 sub-devices (1 included in box) that can be installed in a second room to extend its range even further. This makes it the perfect WiFi router for people that wish to enjoy connectivity throughout their entire home.

The Xiaomi Wireless Router features a small and stylish design. This allows you to place it anywhere in your household without needing to be bothered by its presence. Additionally, it could be easily placed behind a sofa or inside a cupboard thanks to its miniature size. Your WiFi router comes with Dual Antennas that further increase its transfer speeds and internet range. The gizmo can be easily installed without needing any technological knowledge. Thanks to this, your WiFi router brings along great usability for anybody out there. If you are suffering from a laggy internet connection and wish to enjoy faster WiFi speeds at an affordable price, this mini router is perfect for you.

This Xiaomi WiFi router comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets.