Domino DM68 Bluetooth Smart Bracelet (Black)
Domino DM68 Bluetooth Smart Bracelet (Black)

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Key Features...
  • Receive call and message alerts on your wrist with this Bluetooth fitness tracker
  • Enjoy an abundance of smart health features to increase your fitness levels
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android phones
  • Works throughout the day thanks to a powerful 120mAh battery

Domino DM68 Smart Bracelet

Make sure your healthy and keep your fintess on track with the Domino DM68 smart bracelet. This fitness tracker incorporates pedometer, distance tracker, blood pressure, heart rate, calorie counter and sleep monitor all in one. So you can see how far you have run, measure your heat rate levels and blood pressure as well as check the burned calories form your work out sessions. What better way to stay on track with your new years health goals.

You can pair the Domino DM68 bracelet with your Android or iOS phone using the Bluetooth support and a dedicated mobile App. You will then be informed of any incoming calls and notified of messages received. A 120mAh battery in this Bluetooth smart bracelet keep you updated to all these notifications and helps track your health over a full day.

The bracelet not only helps you workout and keep sight of your fitness goals but will remind you if you've been seated to long thanks to its sedentary reminder functions. A sleep monitor can also keep tabs on you whilst you're at rest helping to keep you aware of the quality and duration of your sleep patterns.

The Domino DM68 Smart Bracelet and Fitness Tracker comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale fitness trackers and smart gadgets.