Nanum II Car Air Humidifier (White)
Nanum II Car Air Humidifier (White)

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Key Features...
  • Increase the air quality around you with the Nanum II car air humidifier
  • Being an air humidifier and aroma diffuser in one this little accessory lets you enjoy a fresh smell while staying healthy
  • Adjustable bracket and compact size it's guaranteed to suit the interior of any car out there
  • Remove harmful elements, bacteria, pollen, unpleasant odors, toxic gasses, and more with this remarkable car air humidifier

Nanum II Car Air Humidifier

Increase your health and lift your mood with the Nanum II car air humidifier. Working as both a humidifier and aroma diffuser this plug-in car air humidifier is the perfect accessory to improve the dry air quality in your car. By providing moist air and making your environment more humid the Nanum II air humidifier reduces allergic symptoms, flu, and dry skin

Allowing you to add essential oils this miniature car air humidifier simultaneously works as an aroma diffuser. Increase your mood and reduce anxiety while making your car smell fresh - with the Nanum II Car Air Humidifier you will breath fresh and clean air all the way along. Holding 50ml of water at once this air humidifier provides you with two hours of continuous usage time. Simply add more water once it has run out and you are ready to enjoy your clean air and pleasant aroma during the entire trip no matter the distance.

With its adjustable bracket, the Nanum II car air humidifier is guaranteed to fit any car out there. Simply plug in the device into your cigarette lighter socket, adjust its bracket, and you are ready to enjoy your fresh and purified air. Holding up to two USB ports this air purifier additionally offers the possibility to charge multiple smartphones or other mobile devices – ensuring you that you will always have the juice to stay connected to your loved ones while you are out on the road.

No matter in what sort of climate you live, the Nanum II Car air humidifier significantly increases the quality of the air and reduces allergic reactions and illnesses alike. This little air purifier is the perfect car accessory out there that lets you enjoy a fresh aroma while staying healthy – allowing you to enjoy your upcoming road trips to the most.

The Nanum II Car air humidifier comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale air purifiers.