XS809W Foldable Drone
XS809W Foldable Drone

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Key Features...
  • Comes with an intergraded 2MP camera to shoot pictures and video
  • 100m control distance lets you fly around without limits
  • 6 axis gyro for a stable flight experience in any weather condition
  • Supports 3 different flight speeds, FPV, and 3D flips for a great drone experience

XS809W Foldable Drone

The XS809W foldable drone is an affordable video drone that lets you cruise through the skies in style. This beautifully designed Quad-Copter comes with an intergraded 2MP camera. With its remote control and different in-flight modes, this mini drone is easy to control for beginning and advanced drone pilots alike. The drone features a foldable design. This makes it extremely compact and easy to carry around. With its 100m control distance and 10 minutes flight time, this video drone lets you discover your surroundings like never before.

This foldable drone supports headless flying mode which makes it easy to navigate. It furthermore comes with a 6 axis gyro which treats you to a stable flight experience. The Quad-Copter features 3 different flight speeds as well as air pressure altitude hold. With its one key return to home feature, your drone will always find its way back to the controller. In order to take the most out of your flight experience, this video drone supports FPV. This allows you to enjoy first person footage while cruising through the skies – truly making you feel like a real pilot.

This video drone comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets.