SMAO M1HS Mini Drone (White)
SMAO M1HS Mini Drone (White)

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Key Features...
  • Miniature foldable drone comes with its own remote control
  • Snap pictures and shoot video from above with the drone’s 0.3MP camera
  • App-Support, WiFi connectivity, and FPV support allow you to enjoy a first person pilot experience while flying through the skies
  • 220mAh battery delivers up to 7 minutes of flying time

SMAO M1HS Mini Drone

For those of you that are looking for an affordable way to enter the unlimited world of drone flying, the SMAO M1HS Mini Drone offers the ultimate solution. This cheap drone features an extremely lightweight and compact design, allowing you to conveniently carry it along within your bag or pocket. Crafted out of tough ABS material, this affordable drone is very durable – taking away all your fears of damaging it while carrying it around. Coming with its own remote control, the SMAO M1HS is easy to operate – making it perfect for young and beginning drone pilots who are new to the industry. Along with its 220mAh battery, this mini-drone delivers up to 7 minutes of continuous flight time – enough for you to cruise through the skies and snap some stunning pictures with its integrated camera.

Featuring a flight distance of up to 100 meters, this mini drone allows you to fly large distances without needing to worry about losing control. Thanks to its ultra-bright LED lights, the SMAO M1HS will always be clearly visible while in the skies – assuring that you’ll never lose track of your drone in flight not even while using it after dark. By supporting WiFi connectivity, FPV, and its own mobile Application, this compact video drone comes along with an abundance of features that offer countless hours of in-flight fun and entertainment. Simply attach your smartphone to the remote control, sync it with your drone, and you’ll be able to enjoy live footage straight from your smartphone’s display thanks to the drone’s intergraded 0.3MP camera. Besides offering a stunning first-person pilot experience, this camera also allows you to snap sophisticated pictures and shoot video from above – providing you with an entirely new view of your neighborhood.

The remote control of this foldable drone does not only provide you with a stable control platform, it also features a little box in which this tiny drone can be stored – assuring that you’ll never lose track of it when not in use. Additionally, it also provides you with a safe way to transport your drone as now you can be guaranteed it won’t break while carrying it along in your bag. This durable drone is the perfect toy for teenagers, beginning drone pilots, and for anybody out there that simply is searching for some amazing fun and entertainment. With its different flight features, App Support, 0.3MP integrated camera, and FPV support – this mini drone is guaranteed to bring along countless hours of joy.

The SMAO M1HS Mini Drone comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets.