Finow Q1 Pro Android 4G Smart Watch (Red)

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Key Features...
  • 4G Android phone watch replaces your phone letting you make calls from your wrist
  • GPS function ensures you're never lost when in a new environment
  • Android 6.0 OS for a host of features in an easy to use interface
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating keeps the watch protected

Finow Q1 Pro Android Smart Watch

The Finow Q1 Pro Android phone watch is a sleek and smart looking timepiece that offers 4G connective so it can do everything your phone can do and a few things it ant as well.

Insert a nano 4G sim into this phone and you can leave your phone at home. This smartwatch lets you connect to 4G FDD bandwidths on B3/B7/B20 and TDD: B39/B40/B41. So not only will you get calls but you can enjoy fast cellular data connections. Ideal for surfing the web, checking your e-mail, updating your social accounts and much more.

A 1.54-inch touch screen makes it easy to navigate the watches functions and open apps. With an Android 6.0 OS, you have plenty of apps to choose from. The watch has a heart rate sensor and its pedometer function can also measure your movements so you can track your workout sessions and fitness levels. You can also make use of its GPS functions which ensures you're never lost and can see exactly where your heading

Having an IP67 waterproof rating lets you use this watch in all weather and you needn't take it off to shower. The 720mAh battery will keep the watch running for up to 72 hours in standby and if you want to enjoy a night out without being weight down with your phone then the Q1 Pro lets you do that while staying connected.

This Android smart watch comes with 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale smart watches and fitness trackers.