Geeetech D200 3D Printer
Geeetech D200 3D Printer

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Key Features...
  • Cloud-Based 3D printer lets you print your next art project from afar
  • Large printing volume and extreme precision
  • Supports an abundance of filaments for you to work with
  • Smart memory allows your 3D printer to continue its project after a power-off

Geeetech D200 3D Printer

The Geeetech D200 truly is a 3D printer that will take your printing experience to the next level. This gizmo has been engineered to provide you with a reliable, convenient, and professional printing experience. As a cloud-based 3D printer, it can be controlled at any time. Thanks to its WiFi and App support, you’ll be able to access your device from afar and command it to print your latest piece of art even when you’re not physically around.

Its cloud-based feature brings along great efficiency and is sure to save you some time. The next time you have finalized a design at home, you’ll be able to send it to your 3D printer and command it to start printing right away. When you arrive in your work shop the next day, your object will be fully printed and ready for inspection.

What further sets the Geeetech D200 3D printer apart from other 3D printers is its printing volume and precision. Supporting a large volume of 300 x 180 x 180mm, this electronic gadget lets you print large-sized objects without any trouble. It furthermore features a high printing speed of 110mm/s and a stunning precession of 0.05mm. Thanks to this, you can be guaranteed that you’ll be treated to highly detailed and beautifully finished end-products.

This beautiful 3D printer supports a wide range of filaments that include ABS, PLA, Flexible PLA, Wood-Polymer, PVA, HIPS, and PETG. Therefore, you’ll truly be able to create the art of your liking without encountering any limitations. Via its large 4.3-Inch display, your 3D printer can be easily operated. It supports plenty of file formats including g-code in order to provide you with high usability.

Your 3D printer furthermore has a smart memory that allows it to continue printing at the point it left off in case it has run out of filament during the printing process. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about using it from afar via the App as, even if the printing process is interrupted, you will be able to continue right away once you’ve arrived at the workshop.

The Geeetech D200 3D Printer comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale 3D Printers.