15.4 Inch TFT LCD Monitor
15.4 Inch TFT LCD Monitor

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At a Glance...
  • An extra monitor for watching movies, playing games, making presentations and more
  • A large 15.4 inch TFT LCD screen will display your content in full HD and with bright colors
  • Built-in DVD player for convenient media playback and twin 2W speakers
  • Supports VGA, HDMI, USB, SD, various media format and TV systems (PAL, NTSC)

View content in full HD on a large 15.4 inch TFT LCD display with great external connectivity and a built-in DVD player.

15.4 Inch Full HD Monitor + DVD Player

Whether you want an extra screen for your computer, a TV monitor to hang on the wall in a smaller room, a display to use for presentations at the office or a learning tool for kids - the 15.4 inch display will show all your content in full HD from almost any source.

The full HD display comes with a built-in DVD player, letting you play movies right from the monitor in great quality and without any additional devices. Simply insert them into the DVD player at the back of the screen and watch away!

You can also play content from a variety of other sources: the monitor comes with USB and SD card support. Simply plug it into the display and start playback. If you want an additional monitor for your computer, the 15.4 inch display can be one as well thanks to VGA and HDMI support. So, if you want a bigger screen for work, movie watching, web browsing or online game tournaments - you will have it with this full HD screen. Thanks to HDMI input, you will also be able to share photos and videos from you camera, hook up a TV box and more.

The monitor comes with a remote control, making it easy and convenient to control playback. This monitor is also equipped with two 2W speakers. But you will also have the option of hooking it up to external speakers through the AV port or using a headphone jack for watching your media in private.

With a wide range of supported formats (CD/VCD/DVD, JPEG/TXT/MP3/MPEG4) and TV systems (PAL and NTSC), the full HD monitor can offer a great viewing experience for a variety of content.

The 15.4 Inch TFT LCD Monitor comes with a 12 months warranty. Brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale monitors.