Smart Home Wifi Plug Type F
Smart Home Wifi Plug Type F

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Key Features...
  • Use these Smart Wi-Fi plugs to control and manage the power supply to your gadgets remotely
  • Uses phone app compatible with iOS and Android smartphones
  • Type-F Plug used in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Spain among others
  • Dedicated smartphone app makes it extremely easy to use

Smart WiFi Plug Type-F

This pack of two smart WiFi plugs means you can manage and control your electronics remotely from your smartphone, So you'll never have to worry about leaving the TV on or checking if you turned the aircon off when you left home.  The Type-F sockets can be plugged into your wall socket or adapter and let you control the power of any gadget running through them.

This pack of two sockets is a superb way to set up lighting and other household appliances when you're away on holiday to give the impression that there is someone in. Simply connect the phones to your Wi-Fi network and install the smart app on your phone and you can start remotely managing your gadgets and gizmos from anywhere you desire.

This smart WiFi Plug comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets.